Naxos Island

Naxos is one of the most attractive and beautiful of the Greek Islands. It harmoniously combines a majestic mountain beauty with the intensively cultivated agricultural plains, lush valleys of citrus and olive groves, pastel coloured coastal plains, kilometres of sweeping golden sands and unspoilt villages. Over 40 kilometres of beaches, over 40 traditional villages, 500 churches, monuments, archaeological sites, beautiful drive on the mountains, fertile valleys make Naxos Island one of the best holiday destinations in Greece.

Some of the best beaches in Greece


Naxos has some of the greatest beaches in Greece. Long stretches of golden sand and the most amazing color of blue sea you will ever see. The south west of Naxos is almost one beach, interrupted by a few peninsulas. North east and north west beaches are beautiful too, while the new road south to Moutsouna leads to Psili Ammos Beach and Panormos Bay both almost undiscovered beaches.

mikri vigla

Agios Prokopios is one of the best beaches in the island and in Greece. It is a long (1200 metres) and wide beach with golden sand. Agia Anna is located south of Agios Prokopios Beach, within an easy walking distance. It is a delightful, organized sandy beach. Plaka is a superior sandy beach several kilometres long. It is an excellent resort with a choice of restaurants, taverns plus water sports facilities. Sand is very fine and white, especially in the southern region of Plaka. Mikri Vigla a master piece of art, is a seaside settlement with a 4 Km long beach. The sand is fine and white and it is one of the best in Naxos Island. The northern part of Mikri Vigla is named Parthena and the southern is named Limanaki. Apollon is the the northern village of the island. A lovely fishing boat port is situated on a bay sheltered by high mountains. Apollon can been combined with a visit to Mainland Naxos.

Picturesque Villages


For someone to really get to know Naxos, he must visit the inland areas, the mountain villages, to walk the paths which crisscross the island, to listen to the violin and the lute at one of the local festivals. Visit to Naxos Villages is must.


Apeiranthos is a pretty village on the slops of Mount Fanari at 650 metres altitude. The architectural design of the houses in Apeiranthos has remained almost untouched since the time of the Venetian Empire: narrow marble paved mule tracks, often covered by archways. Filoti is a beautiful village, settled well up on the flank of Zas mountain and it is surrounded by olive groves There are quite a few cafes and taverns, many of them been shaded by a massive plane tree. Heimarrou Tower is one of the most important monuments of Naxos. The monument is situated on the southeastern side of the island, half way between Zas, the highest mountain of Naxos, and the sea, on a hill between two ravines, Halki, once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. It is situated in the middle of an olive grove with towers built by Byzantines and Venetians. Koronos is a stepped village, scrabbling up two opposite mountain sides and renowned for its emery mines.

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